ABS Splittable Anti Erosion Helicopter Rescue Stretcher

Основная информация
Место происхождения: Чжэцзян, Китай
Фирменное наименование: Kenyue
Сертификация: CE ISO:9001
Номер модели: KY-RC-E2
Количество мин заказа: 1pc
Цена: Please contact us for the price
Упаковывая детали: стандартная коробка экспорта
Время доставки: 15-20 дней
Условия оплаты: Л/К Т/Т
(Расширенный) размер продукта:: 216*61*19cm Размер продукта (после складывать):: 130*61*26Cm
Само-вес:: 20кгс Подшипник нагрузки:: 160KGS
Пакуя количество:: 1 коробка ПК Вес пакета:: 23кгс
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Anti Erosion Helicopter Rescue Stretcher


Splittable Helicopter Rescue Stretcher


ABS rescue basket stretcher

ABS Splittable Anti Erosion Helicopter Rescue Basket Stretcher


1-Product description:


The basket stretcher is made specific for emergency situations. This stretcher is both durable and flexible for use in special situations. Our Basket stretcher has reliable and tested fittings to enable first-aid personnel to operate rapidly and safely. The basket stretcher is ideal for lifting and transport by helicopter.
Our Basket stretcher has an adjustable feet-securing mechanism, and safety belts. It is also designed to be secured inside a helicopter for safe transport. All the materials used have dimensions suitable to work and are fire-proof. The material used to produce our basket stretcher don't release any toxic or polluting substances and are protected to obtain high resistance to wear and corrosion.




Product size (expanded): 216*61*19Cm Product size (after Folding): 130*61*26Cm
Self-weight: 20Kgs Load bearing: 160kg
Packing quantity: 1 Pc/ Carton Package weight:  


3-Product function:


1. The product is made of ABS, non-toxic, clean, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
2. It is used for rescue in complex conditions such as mountain, air, sea, etc., with reliable performance, flexible and easy operation.
3. Equipped with hoisting ropes, which can be used for aircraft hoisting and transfer.
4. Equipped with adjustable foot safety device, safety belt and mattress.

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